Saturday, December 19, 2009

My baking history

I've always loved baking. Really I suppose I began baking when I was a kid. Every weekend I helped bake chocolate chip cookies for Sunday football (I didn't watch, just baked). Eventually, I became in charge of the cookies (as opposed to helping with them) and I still have the recipe (from the back of the chocolate chip bag) memorized to this day.

As an adult on my own, I have often done a little baking here and there, generally around the holidays or when a hankering for brownies or cookies struck. At the holidays, we often have many desserts: pumpkin pie, flourless chocolate cake and cheesecake are generally our three standard holiday desserts.

When my daughter, Emmaline, was born and I quit my day job (in computers) I starting to fling myself into baking. I dove into breads, cookies, brownies and then cake. There is nothing in my life, I can just do halfway. I can't just dabble. I dive in and well, I suppose some might use the word "obsessed." Thankfully, my husband, Roger is the same way. Maybe not with baking, but in the diving into things and becoming obsessed. (This shared trait was actually observed at our wedding toast almost 10 years ago by Roger's brother and best man.)

I got into cakes, specifically when I decided I wanted to bake a fabulous first birthday cake for my little girl. I found that baking and decorating a cake combines my analytical scientific side with my creative and artful side. It's a perfect melding of my talents and something I enjoy immensely. I look forward to sharing more of my joy in the kitchen here.

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